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Our Mission



Our Values

We’re a Proud Pledge 1% Member

Pledge 1% invites all entrepreneurs and their companies to commit important resources (product, time, and resources) to support integrating philanthropy into their business from an early stage.

Port & Starboard pledges 1% of our time for pro bono projects for non profits. Our latest pro bono project was a complete website redesign for the ViBe Creative District and ongoing support. Learn more about the project here.

All Hands on Deck

We collaborate without egos because we know that when we work together, we are more than the sum of our parts. We believe in mutual success — we all win together — and in taking an all-in approach to accomplish our goals. No task is too big or too small for anyone on the team. We all wear many hats and hold each other accountable to get the job done for our clients and our company.


Above Board

We commit to doing the right thing. Establishing and maintaining trust is the cornerstone of our relationships. We communicate with respect and offer constructive feedback when we have different perspectives. We follow through on our promises and deliver solutions that exceed the highest expectations.

Even Keeled

Balance is central to our process. We work hard and celebrate often. Work/life balance is important — we take our work seriously, as we do our outside interests. We are anchored in our logical, mindful approach to conflict and problem-solving. As such, our clients look to us as a beacon of stability during periods of uncertainty. We stay cool under stress, operating with flexibility and a positive attitude whenever we encounter unexpected obstacles, and we lean on each other to keep it all in harmony.

Fathom the Depths

Technology is always changing and evolving, and so are we. We value and seek out diverse experiences and perspectives that challenge our thinking and the status quo. We are curious and creative, and we aren’t afraid to ask for help when we’ve exhausted our efforts to independently research and find answers to questions.

Know the Ropes

We are talented, skilled, and savvy change agents. We are relentless in our quest for knowledge and understanding. We have a keen business mindset in addition to technical expertise. We accept challenges with the confidence that we will rise to meet them. 

Full Steam Ahead

We are innovative and fearless in propelling clients, projects, and big ideas forward. We create boldly, move rapidly, and solve problems thoughtfully. We bounce back and grow from failures. Our nimble, iterative approach allows us to correct course and refine, as needed, without breaking our stride.